Featured Speakers:

  • Alex LiangDirector of Data Programs and Strategy eBay Inc

  • Sachin JainChief Medical Information & Innovation Officer Merck

  • Tom McCourtChief Commercial Officer Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

  • Christopher FrankCo-Author 'Drinking from the Fire Hose'

Cut through the hype. Deliver real results

You’re probably pretty sick of all the hype around Big Data. Barely a day goes by without another article in the WSJ right? Even the German world cup team are at it! 

What’s harder to decipher is what uses of Big Data are really working. In pharma. In reality. And how. That’s the really interesting bit. How other companies have found quality data, integrated it, analysed it. What methodologies they’re using, what architecture, and what results they’ve seen.

That’s where Big DiP USA 2014 comes in. The number one aim of this year’s Big DiP is to cut through the hype to answer the “so what” and the “how to” of Big Data.

You’ll find Big DiP jam packed with over 50 speakers presenting 29 use cases. These people are experiencing exactly the same challenges as you and they’ve promised to open up about how they’re tackling them.  

Be part of something inspiring

So that’s the cake. Now for the icing. You’re a leader and I’m sure you want to be taken that one step further. Which is why Big DiP USA 2014 is brimming with inspirational speakers showing you what the future will look like.

You’ll be inspired by industries streets ahead by eBay and the authors of Drinking from the Firehose. Debate how to capitalize on the explosion in wearable devices with the Head of Innovation Super Networks at UCB. And enjoy the ride into the future through the eyes of John Mattison from Kaiser Permanente.

Sound interesting?

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get from attending Big DiP:

  1. Empower innovation and collaboration across departments through data access – be inspired by eBay’s self service approach
  2. Establish an architecture inspired by 21st Century social media conceptsBiogen Idec shows how to channel information to the right people
  3. Reduce the headache of integrating disparate data setsAZ, Amgen and Purdue Pharma give practical advice
  4. Find new ways to search, crunch and analyse unstructured data - Search and text analytics, NLP, RDF and other techniques from Pfizer, NIBR and Roche
  5. Find out how payers and providers are using Big Data for CER and more – Kaiser Permanente, HCA, VA, Humana and Aetna open up
  6. Ask the right questions when you don’t know what questions to ask  - Find solutions rangng from automation at Foundation Medicine Inc to upskilling at NIBR
  7. Paint a picture, tell a story using the latest visualization techniques from SAS and simple techniques from MAVERIC at the VA
  8. Get listening! Understand the types of data social media listening can produce and how to apply it from John Brownstein
  9. See the results of the union of clinical and claims from Optum, Humedica and Amgen

Only attend what’s relevant to you

With concurrent streams focusing on commercial, R&D and epidemiology and drug safety you can home in on the speakers that are really relevant. 

Join the Big Data Revolution

The whole health system is poised at the edge of major change and data is at the heart of everything that’s disruptive. Big DiP will provide the stimulus and exchange of ideas to accelerate this.

Come and join us and be part of something game changing.

How can you get involved?

Firstly, let us know if you’ve got material that you’re interested in presenting as there are opportunities to speak or sponsor.

Why not join our community on LinkedIn and join your peers - start discussions, find answers and make new contacts. Simply search groups Big Data in Pharma.

Secure your place early and take advantage of the early registration discounts.

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